God Believes in 2nd Chances

Dear Family and Friends,


As many of you know, each month I sit down and take a moment to reflect on something that makes me feel grateful. It is an intentional effort to live in the moment. What is even more special is that you are taking a moment of your life to bear witness to my thoughts, my experiences and introspection of life and journey with me as I figure out what my theme for the year, “to make love is to make life” looks, feels, and taste like. Some of you are doing this unwillingly because you have no idea why I’m sending you this email and you are wondering where this email is going.


Sometimes I think about what I’m going to write about all month. And some months, like this February, the process is a little bit more rogue. This is your warning. Forgive the rambling should it occur.


When I think about life I think about Linda, Terren and Sammy. (Click here for pictures)


Linda, a former classmate, passed away in a tragic snowboarding accident. The last memory I have of her was a conversation about being a struggling, starving and nearly homeless graduate student one week and then, magically, having enough money to go abroad the next week. She went to Cuba that year. I didn’t.


Just a few weeks ago I was in Cuba and had this sense of peace rush through me as I thought about Linda. It can only be word it as, “God believes in second chances”. Everything comes back around again. Be ready for it. And go for it!


It also gave me peace when I thought about the opportunities that I hope to come (back) around. Soon. Like now. Any day now. In life we struggle with many unresolved things, things left in the balance, and things that don’t make sense. We ask ourselves real and legitimate questions: “why me?”, “why not me?”, “why now?”, “when will it be my turn?”, “will this ever end?”, and “will I ever get a chance?”


I haven’t been on this Earth for very long, but I do know that all of the things most pertinent to our heart and soul will get closure. Those questions will be answered. The process in answering those questions will transform you. The hard part is recognizing when things have been resolved and it is time to let go and move on.



Many people don’t know this, but I save people’s voicemails. I have a file in my Google drive of old voicemails that people have sent me. I am deathly afraid of forgetting what people’s voices sound like. However, I don’t think I could forget what Terren sounded like.


When I think about life I think about my cousin, Terren, who got into a car one day and didn’t make it to his destination safely.


My memories of Terren remind me of how he filled the space that God gave him. You could not miss Terren if he was in the house or down the street. He was the living embodiment of living the full breadth and depth of life. My relationship to him makes me realize that the breadth and the depth of your life have nothing to do with the goals you achieve or your unrealistic self-perceptions. The breadth and depth of your life is materialized through the many ways in which your love produces life in others, your community and the world.


You see why I chose this year’s theme, “To make love is to make life”.


Lastly, I’ve been thinking about Sammy. I never met him. I would have never known that he inhabited this earth until my niece told me that he had committed suicide.


Any death is tragic, but a child who has found life so unbearable that he would end it is devastating. I wonder what his day was like in the last hours of his life. Who was the last person he talked to? What was going through his mind during his last meal? When was the last time he laughed?


When was the last time I laughed? What was I contemplating while I ate my soup for lunch? What were the highs and the lows of the last few hours? Weeks? Months?


This is such a sad note to end on, but life is but a blink. Who we are is what we impart in people’s spirits once we leave (this includes physically moving away or growing apart). This is why I am going to take a moment each month to reflect on the different ways in which I, and others, produce life from the various ways in which we love.


One way in which you can produce life is by emailing me. I really love hearing from you even if it is only once a year. I’d like to know how you are making the world a beautiful place. (I know you are making the world a beautiful place because you are on this email thread!) Until next month… or whenever I see you… or get an email from you… or when you call/ text me (because you know I don’t make the initial call or text).