You’ve Got Mail

Dear Family and Friends,


Each month I write a letter based on the theme for the year, ‘When we make love we make life’.


I failed. I missed sending a letter during the month of May. Also, I still have no idea what to make of the theme, ‘When we make love we make life’.


So May’s letter (that we are pretending I sent a few days ago) is a short letter about mail.


Do you remember when you had dial-up internet and the only internet browser available was AOL? You would have to go to Fry’s or Best Buy and pick up an AOL internet disc. After waiting 3 minutes to connect to the internet, the AOL voice would say “ You’ve got mail’.


Today, I got mail.


I received a plain envelope in the mailbox. The physical mail box that usually only has junk mail in it. To my surprise, there was a $96.67 mileage reimbursement check that I submitted nearly 3 months ago! It had been so long since I submitted the reimbursement form that I forgot that I had money headed (albeit slowly) my way.


It took about 10 seconds from the time I realized that I had money in my hand to the time I picked up my phone to deposit the check. When I went online to check my account I had another surprise waiting for me. Someone got access to my debit card made a $2,800 purchase with my money. Not really my money because I didn’t have $2,800 in my account anyways. But still, someone essentially stole $2,800 from me.


This is life. Sometimes 329% of your banking account gets wiped out to pay for someone else’s shopping spree. Bad things happen. We are not immune to unfortunate events unexpectedly happening to us. We can’t live perfect enough to avoid everything bad in life.


But this is why faith is so important to me.


Faith is like a letter in the mail. Faith is holding on to the belief that something is good is headed your way; that things are slowly coming together in your favor. For my religious friends, it’s the belief that God will never let you fail when you are going through a tough situation. For my non-religious friends, faith is the belief that nothing ends on a bad note. There is always some good, some lesson, some growth, some wisdom, or something that matures you that comes at the end or during the process. Faith is why you hold on through the painful experiences. Faith are the small reminders that the balance of life is always biased towards good rather than bad (no matter how bad bad is).


My wish for you today is that something good and necessary is formulating and and headed your way.


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